Adledge | About us
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About us

Adledge is a global independent measurement company with transparency for advertising at its heart.


Since 2008, it provides solutions for Viewability, Brand Safety and Fraud. Adledge ensures ads are safe, viewed and within the right context on display and videos, across desktops, mobiles or connected TVs. In an effort to continuously improve the ad environment within the industry standards, the company submits its solutions to regular audits.



Nathalie Le Borgne, CEO and Founder of Adledge, is in the tech and advertising industry for more than 20 years, creating companies from the beginning of her career, raising funds for different types of businesses and selling them. She founded Adledge more than 10 years ago anticipating a strong need for transparency in the digital advertising market. Cindy Grenet, VP Product & Success, has a double background in technical and commercial development. She began her career in Los Angeles as an artist representative and worked for Equinix and Nexus Technology back in France. She was Dailymotion Partnership Manager for five years before joining Adledge in 2018.



Julien Gabry  is the CTO of Adledge. As a globe-trotter, he worked in Montreal for Surflab Inc and in Spain for Globalroaming and has more than 20 years’ technology and system administration experience. He developed mobile applications and is a cloud and AWS expert.