Adledge | Adledge integrated in Adform platform
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Adledge integrated in Adform platform

Adledge integrated in Adform platform to optimize digital investments

— Adledge integrated in Adform platform

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Adledge integrated in Adform platform to optimize digital investments

Adledge announces today its integration in Adform open and independent ad-tech platform.

Adledge technology allows agencies, advertisers and publishers to optimize their strategies and inventories efficiency with one main objective: obtain the best return on Investment possible. Ads served do not always equal ads viewed, therefore it’s important to track the campaign’s visibility in order to assess and optimize its performance.

The partnership will further improve the analyses of post-campaign reporting on parameters like viewability, brand safety, fraud detection and invalid traffic.

Adform is one of the leading advertising technology companies in the world and provides the software used by buyers and sellers to automate digital advertising. The integration of the Adledge technology expands Adform’s footprint in the French market.

Nathalie Le Borgne, CEO of Adledge, announced: « I’m really thrilled to work with Adform and to be able to offer our services to a broader audience thanks to their platform. »


Adform provides an integrated Software as a Service platform for the buying, managing and serving of digital advertising. The company’s software consists of a Data Management Platform, a Demand Side Platform and an Ad Serving Platform with advanced analytics, reporting and creative tools that drive high impact digital advertising campaigns globally. Founded in Denmark in 2002, Adform services a client portfolio that includes the world’s leading agencies, advertisers, consultancies, and publishers.  

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Adledge is a French company specialized in the measurement of the performance of advertising campaigns in Viewability, Brand Safety and Fraud.  Created in 2008 by Nathalie Le Borgne, the company provide to its partners more than 10 years of experience and measures more than 2,500 campaigns per month all around the world. Adledge identifies the ads that web users actually saw and therefore, acknowledged. The company allows all of its customers to measure data beyond the IAB standard on past or current campaigns to establish their own performance criteria such as ads seen at least at 100% and 5 seconds for example.

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