Adledge | Within the right context for your brand
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Within the right context for your brand

Adledge identifies damaging context for your ads and allows you to verify that your brand is safe and improve your campaigns results.
We allow you to know the exact url where your ads are displayed, when and for which campaigns, publishers, networks and placements.
We also do offer an extra layer of protection and allow you to mask your ad in any damageful context you may have identified over the course of the campaign. No need to pre-index the page and crawl its content whatsoever. We identify the context in real time when the ad is displayed for the first time – and match it against your own keyword/expression list to decide whether the ad should appear or not.

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Our brand safety solution works
in the following environments


Mobile web

Display and video

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granular data on the market

12 market categories (IAB recommendation)

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