Adledge | Cindy Grenet – Pragmatic by Ratecard
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Cindy Grenet – Pragmatic by Ratecard

Cindy Grenet talks about innovations developed by Adledge

— Cindy Grenet – Pragmatic by Ratecard

Pragmatic by Ratecard avec Adledge : Quelles sont les innovations en terme d’ad verification ?

Adledge’s VP Sales, Cindy Grenet, talks about ad verification ; visibility measurement and live fraud detection.


For this new topic of Pragmatic by Ratecard, we have chosen to talk about ad verification.

Designed to measure the performance of ad inventories and ad impressions, ad verification continue to improve the quality of the digital ecosystem.

But what are today’s innovations ?

Ad verification & innovations : measurement of visibility and live fraud detection

To learn more about this topic, we interview Cindy Grenet, VP Sales of Adledge, the French ad verification technology that allows advertisers to optimize their advertising campaigns by measuring visibility, detecting Brand Safety and live fraud.

Cindy Grenet tells us more about the innovations recently developed by the company that should revolutionize ad verification :

  • Measurement of live visibility allowing advertisers to optimize their campaigns in real time
  • Identification of fraudulent websites (before purchase)


About Pragmatic by Ratecard

Pragmatic is a new video format proposed by Ratecard. Our main objective is to clarify a technical or a marketing topic of our digital ecosystem.