Adledge | Mobile ads : trends for a better user experience
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Mobile ads : trends for a better user experience

What are the trends for a better user experience for 2019 ?

— Mobile ads : trends for a better user experience

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Mobile ads : what are the trends for a better user experience?

Provide a transparent and reliable environment 

In a context where we always talk about the lack of confidence of advertisers regarding performances and methodologies, it becomes necessary to restore a climate of trust by offering a reliable measurement – as Adledge reminds us:

“More than half of marketers believe that ads viewability and the ability to accurately measure what is happening is their biggest topic for 2019 (see The Global Marketer’s Toolkit 2019), according to Cindy Grenet – VP Sales of Adledge. For mobile environments, Adledge offers the possibility to measure without the use of an SDK. It allows Adledge’s partners to focus on providing additional values to their customers. The company brings new solutions with the True Real Time, by optimizing decisions on an accurate history that is based on the last seconds of display.”

The ecosystem of mobile advertising with all its known specificities and its complexity will evolve in the months to come.

The challenge lies in the value proposition that each actors will be able to offer. For the advertiser on one hand – to meet their strategic objectives while positioning themself as neutral partners and trusted third parties – on the other hand, by offering relevant, non-intrusive and respectful communications.