Adledge | Cindy Grenet – Feedbacks and Projects
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Cindy Grenet – Feedbacks and Projects

Cindy Grenet VP Sales of Adledge talks about her Feedbacks and Projects

— Cindy Grenet – Feedbacks and Projects 

Interview : Cindy Grenet VP Sales of Adledge – Feedbacks and Projects

Cindy Grenet talks about her first eight months working for Adledge.

How were you integrated at Adledge and what actions did you initiate ?

Cindy Grenet : First thing first, I would like to express my admiration to the teams for the work they have achieved.

I joined the company during a key milestone in its development. Indeed, last April Adledge obtained the MRC accreditation, an American independent market organization, which allowed us to start discussions with new players such as technological partners.

The objective is to meet in the best way possible the needs of agencies and advertisers by ensuring standardized metrics in addition to the custom KPIs we offer.

I initiated discussions with several French players who are particularly interested in the measures we offer and our ability to meet their specific needs to create new solutions for their customers.

Do you have an example for which the MRC accreditation has been decisive?

C.G. : We have been chosen to respond to a call for tender of a French advertiser for whom the MRC accreditation was mandatory. We entered into competition against companies who were 30 to 100 times bigger than us. We are currently in the final phase of this call for tender and our know-how is well recognized despite our initial position as an outsider.

What trend do you see in the use of visibility, brand safety and fraud data this year ?

C.G : Our customers want to go further than just visibility data, they are looking for a data related to the engagement of the user with for example the total time in-view.

This metric allows them to evaluate the actual memorization of their advertising message. Adledge allows its customers to collect this data in order to optimize their campaign.

In the future, our customers will certainly buy exposure time to a visible banner instead of an impression.

What are your plans for 2019 ?

C.G : We are currently working more specifically on premium marketplaces that our partners require to ensure the best viewable rate possible on an inventory whose context is safe and where fraud is eradicated.

We support SSPs and DSPs in offering the best solutions to agencies and advertisers.

Ideally, we would like to strengthen with some of them the reputation of French technological know-how by proving that our solutions are the most effective.

We want to build privileged relationships with the local adtech ecosystem and counterbalance the influence of large US platforms.